Protection of the walls I yearn…

Nights are eternal. I count seconds to Dawn.

The  light of the sun is a Protection-Darkness is engulfing.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Before 8 am strikes, rushing footprints crush and dirties my bed-thanks my bed is made of concrete.

I need a roof over my head.  How things change in a flash? The night was Cold and now its Freezing.

How extreme….some nights are Warm and others burning Hot.

A farmer wishes for a night of rain to drench the dry, thirsty ground…..i feel less energy because l prefer dryness. Conflicted I feel more….the farmer needs the rain to fill my stomach.

Forests would be stone silent if birds that sing beautifully only sang-for me it’s the lonely call of the owl.  She calls to me as l feel the caressing tongues of the flickering fire.

One- paper- piece -at –a-time the night wears away.

Thanks to the chains of sleep. And thanks to my alarm of the crushing foot- steps.

I wake up cold to the bone like a stone,

                                                       All I Ever Wish is a Home…….a Home is a Protection

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