Property Renovations- Turning Your House Into A Home

                                                                         A Home is Not A Place but a Feeling

This means at first you Get- A- House and turn it into your Home.

There are many activities you need to do to achieve this.

One way is by renovating or maintaining your property.

A House becomes a Home not primarily because of its;

  • Size
  • Purchase Price
  • Location

It is not about Loving More but Loving the Less you Have. A Home is when you Love the House that you have. It is the feeling of the place….so whether in low density, medium or high or cooperative settlement, or a big or small house….the issue is make that house comfortable for you and the family.

Tips to get your house and turn it into a Home

Tips on Home Improvement

  1. Identify Priority Areas

Walls, Floor, Rooms, roof, Doors, Lawn and Flowers, Gate, the Garden all need your attention and in most cases at once. So;

  • List all areas that need attention. Reality of life is you do not have all the money, power and time to do all this at one go and so;
  1. Prioritize

“I learned that we can do anything, but we can’t do everything… at least not at the same time. So think of your priorities not in terms of what activities you do, but when you do them. Timing is everything”- Dan Millman

  • Rank your list according to importance. Here are the issues you can use to prioritize;

Security- a Home should be secure from intruders (neighbor’s pets, thieves). Check and repair durawall (perimeter fence or wall), gate, outside doors and locks, windows, install an alarm or even have guard dogs…I love dogs!!!

Health- we can set priorities when we are healthy…you live first and after that GetYoHome, so know your priorities in life.

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Therefore remove all threats to your family and your life;

  1. Fill in all open trenches around your house
  2. Cover or protect all open wells- this has been a hazard for most Zimbabwe households especially in High Density areas
  3. Fix all overhanging electricity cable and beams.
  4. Insulate (cover) exposed or uncovered electricity cables
  5. Remove all sharp objects in the yard
  6. Do not leave small and curious objects lying around especially when you have kids and pets around…these guys taste anything and experiment a lot!!!!

Water availability takes priority. YoHome should have clean water to prevent the spread of diseases.

Tips for most homes especially in Zimbabwe;

  • Drill a borehole
  • If you have the finances, order Home delivery
  • Install a water tank
  • If you can’t afford the above, please buy as many water containers as possible to store the water. NB– get water from protected sources
  • Treat the water with treatment solutions before drinking
Tank for a Home
  • Repair all taps, sinks and tubs
  1. Budget

Now is the time to see if you have the money to carry out the plans.

a. Against each item on the priority list write down the cost


Shop around and consider even second hand materials.  Quality second hand materials may be way cheaper and affordable.

b. Check if you have the funds. If you do not have enough funds to cover everything on the list, you can either defer some activities depending on importance

c. Keep a journal or notebook of the costs of repair. This will assist you later for future budgets

4. Action

It is time to put your energies in action now.

But this does not mean that you need to hire and pay someone to do all these renovations jobs for you.

Some renovations and maintenance jobs are not that technical. So do some on of these jobs that are not technical on your own and include your family.

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You need to;

  1. Create time– life is busy and each second has a task waiting. Set time for maintenance.
  2. Love it and Enjoy it– when you enjoy work, you never work for a day!!! Think of the results you will get after the work…ok imagine telling your visitors that we painted this house on our own…

Have fun doing the work so;

  • If married, please involve the spouse and kids
  • Make it funny and enjoyable
  • For example get the partner or kids chose the color
  • They can research the meanings or themes behind each color and explain…but tone it by realizing color affects future decisions like renting and selling of a property
  • Teach your kids vital lessons about life like money saving—you are saving money by doing it yourselves
  • Reward each member- buy them something from the savings

You need records and keep them. This will assist you with future renovations.

The record should show;

Date repairs were done, cost of repairs, detail of what was done and were materials were taken.

Enjoy the renovations and feel the warmth of your Home.

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